Ramen after drinking

Most of Japanese people would agree this idea: Having Ramen after drinking is awesome!

I am lucky to have had such awesome experience twice this week. Here are the pictures. I don’t know why we want to have Ramen after drinking beer or sake or whatever, but it’s real.

Both there Ramen use fish broth soup with soy source taste. I basically like meats, but prefer fish based soup with simple taste as for Ramen somehow. Especially, when I have it late in the night, plain one is better. As you guess, it would lie heavy on the stomach next morning if I have heavy taste soup including pork fat much.

Tonchin in Shinjuku

I have never been here before and casually stopped by this restaurant. The Ramen tasted so good. I want to come back here again when I am not drunk next time.

Taishoken in Yotsuya Sanchome

This Ramen isn’t special, but the restaurant opens late. That’s why I went there. Simple taste, but perhaps it’s too simple.


Why Are They My Good Friends?

Friday night

As I wrote  in the previous post, I visited Japan for my business last week. Because the time was limited and some appointments were set as flexible, it was difficult to decide when I could meet my friends in advance. As I expected, I was busy whole week and finished all appointments late Friday night. I called a couple of my old friends around 9:30Pm from Shinjuku, but unfortunately none of them were around there.

Full course (Bar -> Ramen)

I talked the friend and decided to go down to Kokubunji, where was about 40 minutes away by train from Shinjuku, to meet them. I expected to meet only one or two friends there, but four friends gathered after all. We enjoyed a local beer bar and then move to the favorite Ramen shop which we often visit. On the way home in the night, I thought that was not bad. Old friends whom I can meet even I call at 9:30PM on Friday without any notice. Oh, I didn’t even tell them that I was in Japan before calling them.




Other pictures are here.