The legend man, his last pitch?

It was a hot day yesterday afternoon. We went to the stadium to see the last game in San Francisco this season. You know, Giants cannot go to playoffs. The game was really fun. The starter, Lincecom, shut out 7 innings and Giants won the game by a wide margin.

I noticed Randy Johnson started pitching in the 8th inning in the bullpen. As I expected, he came to the mound next inning. He is so to speak the legend man for me. Also known as “bird killer” because a bird was hit by his pitch before.

I was so lucky to see him, but at same time, I was a little bit disappointed to see his not 100 MPH fast ball. The balls moved around  91 – 92 MPH. I thought he pitched slider not fast ball. He might retire and not play next season…



What a nice day as usual in my love California!



We put on our original cap, because this event is traditional in our office.




See you next season, Giants!