Better run in snow than rain

A happy new year everyone!

We had snow here in Yokohama on a new year’s day in 2015. It didn’t seem to stop snowing, so I went to run in the middle of the snow. It was 13.1km distance, which was a bit longer than my usual run probably because I was excited to do that for the first time in this new year.

This picture was taken after the snow was gone. Actually, I prefer running in snow to rain. Snow does not make you wet so much as rain. 🙂



Run, run, run

It was the first time to join Gaijin futsal last Saturday night. Gaijin means foreigner in Japanese. The event did not require RSVP in advance, but first come first served style. First 20 people can play the games. I arrived the court, which is located in Shinagawa, half an hour earlier than the starting time. The players were international, of course. Australian, Germany, English, Mexican, Irish, American and some Japanese. My left knee was not good condition, but I had fun with them for two hours.

Next day, I ran with my friend around Imperial Palace. As I blogged before, the place is popular for joggers. We ran 15 km or about 10 miles. After the jogging, we got canned alcohol at the convenience store and downed them in front of the store. 10 miles were too long for me especially next day of the futsal, but the beer was awesome!!

My friend runs much faster than me.