Believe my second declaration

I jogged on the day before yesterday for an hour. There are nice area for jogging, which is called Jingu Gaien, about two kilometers away from my apartment. I jogged in the morning, around 10, but it was too hot to run. I couldn’t help walking last one mile… Adding on the hotness, I felt my stamina decreased… I obviously need to have regular exercise. So, I have decided that I am going to jog every day even it is short distance.

You may remember my first declaration for the same thing in April when I lived in San Francisco. Yes, I couldn’t make it last time. But, I’ll make it this time! đŸ™‚

Jingu Gaien park is very beautiful place and popular among runners. Gingko leaves were already fallen.


I will run every morning

A week ago, I came up with the idea that I would run every morning. There was no logical reason, but I felt it was time to start something good for my health. I have often thought about this idea last few years, but never started it.

After coming back from business trip, I started it eventually. It was on April 14, yesterday. Not a long distance run. Not run fast. But I want to continue it every day. I did it two days in a raw. Tomorrow is going to be the third day. I can do it. You bet.

BTW, this is the picture of Ziplining that I took this morning during jogging. We currently have Ziplining and Peter Pan in Embarcadero. This is interesting place through a year.

Charity Run around Golden Gate Bridge

Finished anyways!

I participated in JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge with more than 10 of my colleagues this evening. It was 3.5 miles round  trip course with seeing beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. I worried if I could run 3.5 miles, because I haven’t run for a while. However, I finished it probably around 30 minutes. Hopefully faster than 30 minutes. (Next day, I got my result as 28:44. The third place in the team!)

Nice T-shirt

One of good news were that our company Atlassian designed T-shirt won the second place! I love this shirt. It’s a kind of cool, isn’t it?


And one more good news were that our fearless leader, Jay, won the second place in senior executive category. His time was less than 20 minutes. That was awesome!

This is the finisher T-shirt. I hope to run next race again.


Running in Presidio (Vote our T-shirt!)

Run 3.5 miles

I am going to run in Presidio next week as one of runners in Atlassian team. I haven’t run lately. And I continue eating a lot… So my simple objective is just to arrive at the goal 3.5 miles ahead.  (The race is called JPMorgan Chase & Co. Corporate Challenge)

T-shirt design

This is the T-shirt that we, Atlassian team, will wear on the day. They have T-shirts contest here in the website. Please vote our T-shirt!!!!