SF Restaurant Reviews by Sean: Crustacean


We can enjoy various kinds of foods here in San Francisco. Especially, my place is very convenient location, so I can go to Seafood near Ferry Building, Fisherman’s wharf and along Embarcadero. Also Italian in little Italy, Chinese in chinatown and so on. Unfortunately, Japantown is not near from my apartment.


I should start this series of restaurant reviews from Crustacean. About three years ago, when I came to SF for business trip, I was took here by business partners. The other day, we went to the restaurant again. It tasted awesome same as three years ago.


Big crab. Pretty big crabmeat! Unique garlic oil make crabs more tasty.


Your hands start to itch by garlic oil without fail.


Crustacean in Yelp



Oyster farm at Point Reyes

I have never had such a lot of oysters before!

We went to one of oyster farms at Point Reyes, called Tomales Bay yesterday. We arrived there around 11:30, at that time the tables were almost full. Our friends was there ahead us, so we got the seats. I guess there were 20 or 30 tables. Parties who came in the afternoon looked troubling to find their spaces.

The oysters were so fresh, because we opened the shells by ourselves and ate it. We also brought meats and vegetables to have BBQ. I love BBQ and it was awesome yesterday with nice sunshine and many beers. The price was reasonable. It depends on the sizes. Roughly 1 dollars for each oyster. Need to buy 50 shells unit.

A couple hours later, I suddenly felt strong pain on my lips, it was like on fire. I struggled with the pain for a while. After that, I used sun screen on my face, then another fires came again. I struggles again. I heard later that other visitors looked at me, because I might have got sicked in stomach by raw oysters. hahaha. However, it was really strong pain and uncomfortable. Thanks to my friends, I used ices on my face half an hour and took a rest. Eventually, I recovered from the sickness caused from something, I am not sure what it was.

I want to give five stars to this place. Want to visit again.

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