Movies in September 2

I walked to Metreon to see the following two movies this afternoon.  I chose the movies that have had big sales so far. Both were interesting, fortunately. I am writing up my reviews here, but please see details as a movie website linked to.

My quick review and score

I Can Do Bad All by Myself


At first, you cannot seriously count on my review because I couldn’t understand most of lines in this movie. Perry speaks with southern accents and too fast for me, so it was difficult to follow what they spoke. Especially, I didn’t understand the scene when other audience made big laughter. The story was not bad and it reminded me importance of taking care of kids who don’t have enough opportunity to do something.



This is a typical story such as human being vs machine. A bit unique thing was the machines are operated by human beings themselves. Those human machines are played by models like fashion models, I guess. They all looked very beautiful, but not warm. That’s the theme of this movie. So the story was simple. However, visual effects were a kind of amazing. It was worth seeing in a big screen at a theater.

(The picture from IMDb)

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