Hey Melor, don’t follow me!

Biz Trip to Japan

Last week I was in Tokyo for my business trip and strongly hit by Typhoon 18th on Thursday. According to Japanese media, it was the biggest one in 10 years or something. In fact, it paralyzed train systems in Tokyo and stopped some of the major rail lines. The exhibition I participated in was also canceled half a day.

Same Typhoon

I came back home yesterday. I have noticed that the typhoon, called as Melor, is approaching to San Francisco. I have never experienced to be hit twice by same typhoon. You know what? The typhoon Melor has different name, but it is the Typhoon 18th itself. Do you think  I am a lucky man?  Anyways, it might be the first serious rainy day for me here in SF tomorrow. Please read the following article for more details of the weather.

Bay Area on stormwatch: First powerful storm of the season arriving Tuesday (examiner.com)

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