Suggestions for YOSHINOYA USA

Today’s practical marketing class myself was Japanese fast food restaurant Yoshinoya. This was only second time to come here as I didn’t want to somehow.


Do you know how many Yoshinoya in the U.S.? 89 Yoshinoya restaurants in the U.S. It is not so bad, however it is not enough because they have 1,098 in Japan and Chinese fast food restaurant Panda Express has 1,054 restaurants in the U.S.


I think Yoshinoya could expand their business more rapidly. I thought some reasons why they were behind Panda Express.


1) Too ethnic to be popular among American people.


Their name “Yoshinoya” is hard to remember for American people and impress them ethnic. As for me, I don’t try such ethnic restaurant for the first time for lunch. How about “Teriyaki Express” or “Yoshino’s”?The word “Teriyaki” is enough popular here. (Though Teriyaki Express already exists in San Francisco.) “Teriyaki Express” copied “Panda Express” and “Yoshino’s” copied “Rubio’s”.


2) The store may not look “fast food”.


I have only been to Yoshinoya in San Diego and in NY. So I am not sure… But San Diego’s store is not good looking. They should be renewed to be bright atmosphere and outstanding.